FP&A expert Carmen Diep, with 20 years of accounting, controller, and financial forecasting experience, helps tech startups, small businesses in Silicon Valley.


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From Controller to Assisting CFO, Leveraging Technology

Either as a part of a company’s financial team, or as a project-oriented independent consultant, founder and principal consultant Carmen Diep has helped many technology startups (some of them went public or were bought by companies like Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, Amex, Pinterest…) for the past decade and beyond. She is an expert in customizing financial reporting, using her own advanced data-aggregation formula for each client’s unique needs.


Carmen brings her unique combination of financial projection, accounting and computer skills to growth companies, where she was highly valued for her varied experience and in-depth expertise, particularly in managing financial systems in the e-commerce marketplace.


Carmen has been a reliable and seasoned partner to companies and funded startups in building a financial infrastructure for reaching their operational and strategic goals, as an external financial consultant and an assistant to CFO.


She has worked closely with the C-suite to build their accounting process and the financial team. For example, she handled large data for a startup acquired by Facebook, and reconciled gift purchases to Stripe and ApplePay.


Prior to starting GoalTegic, Carmen was a controller for The Yes, a VC backed AI startup in the fashion industry. The Yes was subsequently acquired by Pinterest, where Carmen served as a Financial Lead during transitional work from The Yes to Pinterest.


Prior to Kranz, Carmen was managing finances as a controller in an interior design manufacturing company in Silicon Valley.

FP&A, accounting, financial forecasting, Profit and loss statements are offered to startups, small businesses and scaling companies by GoalTegic, Carmen Diep.

Budget Modeling | Financial Projection | Command of Technology

“For almost 30 years, I have been working closely with CFOs and CEOs to help drive operational efficiency and profitability with financial and operational planning, managing day to day finance, accounting, controllership, and business operations”, said Carmen.


Most traditional controllers focus on auditing and taxation. In today’s digitally transformed business environment, Carmen’s skill sets add value and vital support to CFOs and the C-suites.


Trained in computer programming (such as C++ and SQL), Carmen is among a small pool of accounting and finance professionals who can help e-commerce businesses’ accounting and controllership involving credit card transactions using Stripe or other softwares.


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FP&A, budget modeling, financial forecasting, P&L, accounting, consolidation, bookkeeping are offered to startups & scaling companies by GoalTegic, Carmen Diep.

Entrepreneurship | Business Acumen | Family Value

At the age of 17, Carmen left her home in Hong Kong for the US to attend St. Mary’s College in the Bay Area.


“As a former entrepreneur myself, I know personally the journey of growing a company with limited resources, the pressure of fundraising, and reaching growth goals,” said Carmen.


Carmen deeply cares about the interest and success of startups and companies she serves. “The importance of having audit ready, accurate financial reporting is key for success. I feel fulfilled by being the right hand for the C-suite with financial projections and strategies at their fingertips, to reach their goals.”


In a dedicated, efficient, hands on fashion, Carmen delivers advanced excel skills to interpreting data for insights, and build data file structure to improve reporting efficiency.