CPA & founder of GoalTegic Carmen Diep, an FP&A expert specializing in controller accounting helps tech startups and small businesses with financial statements.


Budget Modeling for Operational Decision Making, Financing, Fundraising, Hiring, etc.

GoalTegic’s founder and principal consultant Carmen Diep is an expert in FP&A (“Financial Planning & Analysis”). By combining various expertise in software programming skills, accounting, financial and business operations, Carmen customizes financial & operational models for each client’s needs. The C-suites use her FP&A as a highly convenient tool for conducting scenario planning and business operations.


Each model is designed to be user friendly and flexible for the management to change assumptions, and for the finance team to update data with actuals.


Because of the automated integration from all departmental budgets, from top line to margins, expenses, and bottom line, the model comprehensively projects every aspect of a business, such as balance sheets, cash flow projections, revenue projections, KPIs, sales targeting, inventory timing and control, even scheduling key projects and key hires.


Carmen leads the process to develop financial, operational, and revenue models and prepare all financial reporting for the C-suites. CEOs and CFOs rely on her customized models to prepare financial results presented at BOD (board of director) meetings, and for answering questions from the board and internal discussions within the C-suites.

Cash Flow Projection

  • Data-intensive, excel-heavy project, customized to your unique goals and concerns;
  • Projecting high quality and reliable results, for solutions and decision-making;
  • High level of professionalism, expertise and many years of industry agnostic experience.
CPA & founder of GoalTegic Carmen Diep, also an FP&A expert offers controller accounting to tech startups, small & mid size companies in the SF Bay Area & USA.
CPA, FP&A expert, & controller Carmen Diep at GoalTegic offers accounting, bookkeeping to tech startups, small and mid size companies in the SF Bay Area & USA.

Bridge from Limited Accounting Software to New ERP Systems

For example, in between Quickbooks and more advanced ERP systems, we provide analyses for the C-suites.

We can upgrade the entire accounting system by integrating multiple sources of data, with the mindset of accounting compliance with US GAAP and audit-ready reporting, for a company’s complete financial picture rather than piece-meal patchwork.

In data structuring for financial reporting, we put in place digital accounting software and competent humans to run and grow their business.

By “marrying” accounting with systemic software knowhow, we provide clients with holistic and strategic financial stewardship.

Controllership & Accounting in SaaS, E-commerce, B2C MarketPlace

With more than two decades of experience in accounting, controllership, and financial expertise, we help companies grow with comprehensive vision and data management.


Guide clients’ operations by monitoring internal controls, such as processes for AP and AR, procurement, approvals, travel expenses, invoicing, etc. Build supply chain process controls and operational infrastructure. Advise clients’ software selection and data management customization to improve efficiencies and reduce cost.


Streamline processes for financial reporting: Lead forecasting, expense/revenue analysis, staffing and inventory timing as part of cost accounting and financial reporting.


Coordinate among cross-functional teams regarding the interconnection among booking, invoicing, revenue recognition, and financial reporting. Act as a liaison among the legal, tax, and technical accounting teams for clients.


Prepare consolidation and subsidiary reporting: Identify and reconcile inter company transactions, prepare consolidated financials for subsidiaries, with extensive knowledge of foreign subsidiary structures.

CPA, controller, & FP&A expert Carmen Diep of GoalTegic provides accounting, financial processes & procedures to businesses & startups in the SF Bay Area & USA.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Filing & Other Services

We help C-suites stay in the know about the health of your business, and to strategize for scaling.


Whether your goal is to be investor-ready, fundraising, business expansion, mergers or acquisitions, restructuring or turnarounds, asset sales, going global… we are behind you every step of the way.


We use accounting as a tool to tell you where your business stands, to help you make informed business decisions. We consistently and accurately measure financial performance, help ensure statutory compliance for investors, management, and government.

  • Our team of experts can help you with:
  • Financial Close
  • Financial statements
  • Cash Flow projection
  • Interim Management
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Subscriptions & Recurring Revenue
  • Bank and Audit Relationships