Accounting and Financial Consulting Pre, During, and Post M&A

M&A accountant Carmen Diep, GoalTegic,Inc. on financial due diligence, working capital projection, system transition, & data reconciliation pre & post merger.

M&A accounting is key to financial projection, due diligence, balance sheets and transition to merged entity, and post merger integration.

In mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions where various stakeholders have large financial interests at stake, accounting and financial consulting professionals play an indispensable role throughout every stage of this complex process. 

From making pre-merger financial forecasts, to conducting financial due diligence, projecting closing financial statements, transitioning accounting systems and processes, and reconciling projected numbers with the actual ones post M&A… each M&A deal depends on careful financial forecasting and financial management.

Pre-M&A Financial Projection

At this initial stage, accounting and financial professionals, working side by side with the C-suite executives, provide crucial forecasts of the potential impact from the merger or acquisition, and for formulating strategic plans.  Projections of cash flows, revenue, expenses, and other financial information will guide analysis, decision-making, and investment strategies.

Financial Due Diligence

Reliable and swift execution of due diligence leads to accurate decision making and the success of a merger or acquisition.  A high level of experience on the part of financial professionals, like GoalTegic financial consultants, can make a big difference.

Accounting and financial consultants need to meticulously review P&L, balance sheets, financial statements, tax records, contracts, and other compliance and operational metrics to ascertain accuracy of the books, identify risks and opportunities, and avoid costly oversights — usually in a tight timeframe. 

Projecting Working Capital and Closing Financial Statements

To ensure a smooth M&A transition, financial consultants need to determine the working capital needed at the time of closing and to reconcile financial statements. To avoid post-M&A financial disorder, accounting professionals need to project both the working capital required and the closing financial statements that reflect the combined entity’s financial position. 

Transitioning Accounting Data, Processes, and Systems

Post M&A, integrating accounting data, processes and systems for the newly formed company requires the accounting and financial professionals of the former companies to work together in designing, integrating, and implementing new accounting systems and procedures, and maintaining compliance, while minimizing disruptions and ensuring data integrity.

Comparing Projected Financial Data with the Actual Data After Closing

To evaluate how well the M&A transaction met initial financial objectives, accounting and financial consultants during the post M&A stage are tasked with comparing and analyzing the projected financial data with the post-closing actual results, to identify and reconcile  discrepancies and make necessary adjustments. 


Before, during, and after M&A transactions, GoalTegic’s expertise in FP&A, controllership, accounting and M&A financial consulting ensures a streamlined M&A transition for desired financial outcomes, leading to a more efficient and more competitive position for the new company in the expanded marketplace, as well as financial gains for the businesses involved. The success of an M&A depends on more than financial feasibility, other factors such as compatibility of corporate cultures, people, and brand visions play important roles.

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