Accounting Services of GoalTegic, Inc.

GoalTegic's accounting services is its 3rd strategic financial goal setting services in addition to FP&A & Controller, for VC backed startups, growth companies

Accounting services are the third pillar of GoalTegic’s three pillars of financial consulting offerings. (The other two are controllership and FP&A.) 

Accounting services as a tool tracks a company’s health & growth, and helps with strategic financial goal setting, FP&A & controllership. As specified on GoalTegic’s Services Page, we customize our services based on each of our clients’ specific needs: we can either integrate all three areas of accounting, controller, and FP&A, and provide accounting services for clients from a multi-faceted approach, or focus on any one of the three areas, on a project-by-project basis, or as your long term reliable partner.

We take care of accounting work for CFOs and Startups’ internal accounting 

We oversee the ongoing financial reporting operations of our clients, review periodic financial reports, prepare budgets, KPIs, and other management reports. 

We help implement a comprehensive set of controls designed to mitigate risk, and enhance the accuracy of a client’s financial results. 

With a monthly and quarterly period end process, we review month-end balances and journal entries, analyze general ledger accounts, coding, and complete reconciliations of bank statements and other bookkeeping transactions.

GoalTegic oversees the preparation of reports, returns, and other documents such as sales tax reports, payroll reports, year-end tax forms, monthly, quarterly, annual financial statements and other reports required by clients. Customized financial reporting is also provided to meet clients’ needs and help them better manage their businesses. 

Our clients always get ongoing updates from us relating to financial projections, as well as historical financial information.

We use accounting as a tool for keeping track of a company’s health & growth

For strategic financial goal setting, (“GoalTegic”), the following is a non-exclusive list of what our accounting team can help with:

Cash flow projection

Financial statements

Interim management

Financial close

Subscriptions & recurring revenue

Bank and audit relationships

Revenue recognition

We have supported numerous startups and growth companies with global expansion, mergers or acquisitions, fundraising, business turnarounds, etc.

To assist C-suites with informed business decisions, we measure financial performance, compliance for investors, management, and government, and help C-suites accurately and consistently feel the pulse of their businesses, and to strategize for scaling.

GoalTegic is an outsourced accounting senior manager for growth companies

GoalTegic has decades of accounting experience, with CPA and CMA licenses in California.  With strong working knowledge of GAAP and vast experience in handling complex accounting issues, we work closely with clients to assess ever-changing business and financial needs. We follow the transaction data flow, find ways to improve efficiency and accuracy, consistently check and balance, and manage various systems.

We go above and beyond with our entrepreneurial business savviness to evaluate the costs, benefits, and risks of alternative solutions to clients’ problems, or develop new product offerings based on clients’ needs. 

We are innovative users of Excel. We are masterful with QuickBooks and other software to properly account for all transactions for our clients.

Over the years, we have established and maintained close working relationships with clients and business partners.  We have earned their trust and confidence by delivering quality work on time and on budget, on site or virtually.

Our clients are impressed by our ability to think innovatively and use technology to streamline processes. We always actively seek feedback in order to better serve our clients as their long term trusted advisor.Please contact us and schedule an appointment.